Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gardasil or Cervarix- ideal vaccine for cancer cervix

Glaxosmithkline has launched it's bivalent vaccine, Cervarix against Cervical cancer last month in India. Merck launched its vaccine Gardasil, a quadrivalent vaccine in India a few months back. The question now arises which vaccine to be the vaccine of choice.
  1. On the face of it a quadrivalent vaccine seems to be the better choice. In reality that is not so. The vaccine protects against the HPV viruses 16,18, 6, 11, of which only the first two are responsible for cervical cancer, while the other two are responsible for genital warts.
  2. On the other hand Cervarix gives protection against 16 and 18. It is better because, there is cross-reactive protection against the virus strains 45 and 31, two other viruses causing cervical cancer.
  3. Cervarix is formulated with AS04, a propriety adjuvant that boosts the immune system response for a longer period of time.
  4. Both vaccines are against the human papilloma virus but Cervarix seems to be more effective against cancer cervix.
  5. Cervarix can be given to females between 10 to 45 yrs old, whereas Gardasil can be given to females between 16 to 26yrs only.
  6. Both the vaccines are given in the schedule of 0,1,6 months. Cervarix is the costlier one being priced at Rs.3200 per dose.
Cervarix seems to win against Gardasil because of its stronger immune response and broader protection


Dr Pushkar said...

Thanks for this useful info, might just help in my PG entrance exams. Didn't really knew abt the cross reactive protection.

Namita Chandra said...

Glad its of use to you. I hope you do well in PG entrance exams. Checked out your blog it's good

sm said...

nice information like it.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

**** Highly toxic side effects ****

Instead of parroting what GSK/Merck teaches you to talk/think, please talk to the real folks who have taken the shot. My wife has taken it and I now regret that I did not do enough research before talking her to take it.

The real Gardasil/Cervarix horror stories that the pharma execs or IMA won’t tell you.
At Rs. 3200 imagine the commission money it generates.

“Sales of Gardasil fell 33 percent worldwide to $262 million and 39 percent in the U.S. in the first quarter” — wonder why?

What is the plan for controlled clinical trial of this vaccine (my sympathy goes to those who volunteer to test this toxin) ? I wonder if any of the “experts” at Merck/GSK would ask their daughters and wives to volunteer first to test the full dosage of the vaccine?

Our personal experience with Cervarix:

My wife (35yrs) had the first shot of Cervarix in Jan,2010. Had a high fever for two days following the vaccine. Other symptoms started two weeks later include irregular period, fatigue, dry mouth/thirst, weight-loss, joint pain. We saw a GYN about the irregular (advanced by 1 week) period and other symptoms but the gyn looked quite un-informed (apart from what GSK reps may have taught her). So we did our research on how to fight/flush the toxin.

The situation is somewhat better now after she made certain enhancements to her diet. This is specific to her but may help others as well.

1. Don’t eat wheat products. Eat rice instead.
2. Drint 4 glasses of fresh fruit juice every day
3. Drink lots of water.
4. Drint coconut water
5. Lots of butter, yogurt and full-cream milk, country chicken/duck eggs
6. A good multivitamin, specially vitamin B-Complex
7. Plenty of vegetables
8. Try to maintain physical activities
9. Fish
10. Sesame seed paste (mix with milk shake)

She had the correct weight for her age and has lost four pounds in last week. Never had an irregular period before this. Looks like the vaccine is impairing the lipid metabolism of the body amongst other things. Lipid is also vital to the wellness of the nervous system – so there could be a connection of the adverse neurological effects reported everywhere wrt Gardasil/Cervarix.

Anyone has any other idea on how long does it take to detox and what is the most effective way to do so?

Anonymous said...

My strong healthy hyperactive 35year (not underweight, not overweight) 35 old wife had the first shot of Cervarix (Gardasil equiv) in mid Jan 2010 and is having a severe reaction since then. This vaccine really messes up the metabolism and the immune system. This is what she suffered:

Dizzyness, frequent headache, joint pain, frequent fever, throat infection, dry upper/inner mouth, flutters in ear, severe weakness, irregular and messed up period and most importantly (this was the clue) massive loss of body fat in a very short period of time. The skin of her hands started shriveling like an old woman (hint: sub-cutaneous fat). Dry skin and mild rashes all over. She was so weakened that she was almost bedridden for a few days.

Good thing is that now she is regaining strength and on the way to recovery. This is what we and our good family physician (specialist in Internal medicine and gastro-entr) had to do.

1. MUST: Don't eat any wheat products. Eat rice instead. Stop any form of dieting and go to full nourishing meals.
2. Drink lots of water, 4 glasses of fresh fruit juice every day. Drink coconut water if you can get it.
3. Lots of butter, yogurt, curd, full-cream milk, fish. Have two country chicken/duck eggs everyday
4. MUST: A good multivitamin, specially vitamin B-Complex syrup (Polybion) 3 times a day
5. Plenty of vegetables, specially carrots and beet-root (semi-boiled)
6. Try to maintain basic physical activities but do not exert. Take good rest.
7. Eat fish
8. Sesame seed paste (mix with milk shake/yogurt)
9. MUST: Have this "muscle builder" supplement 3 times a day for 5 days (no more): "Carnitin Ornitate" (may be available under different brands).
10. Get a good protein supplement with essential amino acids.

According to our doctor, the full recovery would take a month or two.

This post may help others to cope with the after effects. The treatment may already be known to many doctors but I could not find any on the net. Hence the posting.

Always consult a "really good expert" specializing in Internal Medicine and Immunology. I mean the type of doctors (a rarity these days) who have not yet lost their brains (and heart), who try to understand things in terms of the underlying body chemistry and keep themselves updated with research and open issues. If you think the doctor is not paying attention to the effects/suffering and is dismissing you after routine stuff, change the doctor immediately. He/she probably does not know any more than what has been spoon-fed by the Merck/GSK sales folks.

And when you recover, get together with others and sue the living daylights out of GSK and Merck. I am very sure they fudged/cooked their clinical trial reports or what they tried is not what they are selling. Enron of medicine? Why not. The vaccine may or may not be effective against HPVs (time will tell) but the way they have set the dose and the turbo-charged it with the adjuvents, definitely does not suit all human beings.

PS. If your body already shows such a violent reaction, do not go for the next injections. Your immune system will remember this viral-protein till you die at a ripe old age.

Anonymous said...

It is very common findings that Gardasil and Cervarix triggers a kind of auto-immune reaction in the body that impairs the lipid metabolism and eats away body fat including the myelin sheath around the nerves. This first leads to unexplained weight loss and ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalo-Myelitis) and then MS (Multiple Sclerosis). If untreated this can permanently damage the brain and nervous system. The proof is out there. Just look at the symptoms of all the girls and women. They are almost exactly identical.

1. Do not prescribe these vaccines. Advise people against taking these.

2. Let's sue Merck and GSK for atleast 10 million dollars for the lifetime damage done per victim.

For what they have done these two companies should be liquidated and their execs sent to jail.

Real life experience of victims:

I am a victim myself.


Anonymous said...

Quick detection and treatment is the key. Yes the CNS can repair itself for any small damage but if you are late and have received multiple shots already then it may be bit late. You can still recover partially.

Update on my wife's treatment and progress (2 months since first Cervarix dose in mid Jan 2010):

Intial Treatment:
To overcome the intial wave of neurological disorder symptoms (that feels like "I am dying out of exhaustion, headache , vertigo and I don't know what I am doing"):

3 times a day for 5 days (no more): \u201cCarnitin Ornitate\u201d (may be available under different brands). Mix the powder with milk shake.

Supplements and Diet:
1 capsule daily: "CoQ Forte" (100mg co-enzyme Q10 per cap)

4-6 capsules daily: "Mega-3" (fish-oil derived EPA+DHA combo, around 400mg each capsule).
If the fish smell is too much then a poorer alternative is: "Oxyflax" (1000mg flaxseed oil per cap). Take 3 of those.

2tbsp twice daily "Polybion" syrup (B-Complex)

1 tab "Supradyn" daily - a good multivitamin+mineral+trace elements from Bayer.

1. Must avoid anything made/derived from wheat (basically no gluten, as it showed adverse reaction in her. Also there are some research on neurotoxicity involving it). Take rice and rice derived stuff. Avoid bread, cakes, pastries.

2. Avoid eating at cafes/resturants. Most of these places use MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) to sharpen the perception of taste. It is a known neurotoxin.
Cheap roadside eateries may actually be okay as they mostly do not use MSG (also known in India as Aginamoto). Avoid the taste-maker masala powder that comes with Maggi. I think it contains MSG.

3. Avoid foods that can trigger allergic reactions.

4. Try to avoid any antibiotics for few months.

5. Take plenty of fresh fruit juice throughout the day. Drink coconut water.

6. 2 eggs every day. Prefer country/ free-range chicken/duck.

7. Protenix milk shake (use full cream milk).

8. Plenty of curd/yogurt.

9. Take lots of fluid. Avoid getting constipation (a common symptom of de-myelinating disorders like ADEM/Multiple-Sclerosis that are triggered by Cervarix/Gardasil). Keep an appropriate laxative handy.

10. Not sure about Coffee/Tea (caffeine/nicotine) - my wife drinks neither !

11. Do not bother about weight gain. Your nervous system requires this much material for 3-6 months to repair itself.

Take full rest during the first wave of fatigue attack. Start the treatment.

After you are bit okay, resume some regular activity. Do not overstress.

Severe headache and mild/severe short term memory loss may occur but do not despair. Within 2 months it should improve/recover.

Do not drive (at least in the first few weeks). You may face strange confusion/ lack of confidence while trying to cross a busy road with traffic (hint: minor damage in hind brain). Do not despair, it is not permanent, but for the time being ask someone to help you.

Find a good neurologist who has treated ADEM/MS and other autoimmune cases.
But start the above treatment as soon as you detect the symptoms. Do not wait for the doctor (often too busy, too formal, too dumb, too biased towards GSK/Merck) to run 20 tests for 30 days to confirm what it is. It may be too late to get your brain/nerves back to its original healthy state.

Do not let yourself/ your loved ones be crippled by this commercial toxin.

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