Friday, February 02, 2007

Kolkata AICOG 2007

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The last month has been hectic with lot of travelling. The AICOG 2007 was held in Kolkata this year. The arrangements and the venue were okay considering the huge delegation to cater.
The scientific delebrations were good but plagued with electricity breakdowns and audiovisual snags.
The trade fair this year was different, more fun esp worth mentioning would be the stalls of Dabur and Emcure.
The night cruise on the Hooghly river was a memorable one esp. as we passed below the Howrah bridge.The city has many modern malls we went to the Forum. A trip to Victoria memorial is a must to capture the old world charm of Kolkata.
The take home lesson from the conference for me, was to diagnose and to treat cases of Gestational diabetes mellitus very carefully so as to prevent Diabetes in their offspring.

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Anonymous said...

the video of cruise in Hooghly river is very nice

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